Citing Saftey and Health Concerns, Texas Town Bans Arrival of Illegal Immigrants

Citing Saftey and Health Concerns, Texas Town Bans Arrival of Illegal Immigrants

HOUSTON, Texas–The illegal immigrants pouring over the U.S.-Mexico border are not welcome in League City, Texas. Council members in the town recently passed an ordinance that prohibits the processing and holding of foreigners who are in the U.S. illegally. 

The ordinance–which was drafted by City Council Member Heidi Thiess–was passed on Tuesday with a 6-2 vote, according to the Houston Chronicle

Thiess reportedly said that the federal government is telling many towns across the nation, “You don’t get to have a hearing, you don’t get to have a say.”

Despite its passing, there were allegedly several people who spoke out against the measure during the council meeting. Overall, more than 25 League City residents voiced their opinions on the matter. 

Those who supported the ordinance cited safety and health concerns associated with housing large numbers of illegal immigrants. Indeed, several diseases have already been identified within the migrant population. In June Breitbart Texas reported that one Central American who entered the U.S. illegally was confirmed as having the Swine Flu, also known as the H1N1 flu. In response, 2,000 H1N1 vaccinations were brought to the Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, where more than 1,000 illegal immigrant minors are currently staying.  

Tuberculosis (TB) has also been a concern among the population of foreigners in the U.S. illegally. 

Earlier this week, Breitbart Texas reported on an illegal immigrant from Guatemala–who had previously been deported–who was allegedly released by U.S. Customs and Border Patrol. According to a source, this migrant is being treated for active TB in an El Paso-based hospital. 

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