Creighton Unites Peace Officers to Help Counties in Border Crisis

Creighton Unites Peace Officers to Help Counties in Border Crisis

HOUSTON, Texas–Brandon Creighton, State Rep. and Republican candidate for Senate District 4, has called a meeting of law enforcement personnel in an effort to address the problems on the Texas border. Creighton told Breitbart Texas that he preferred taking real action over photo-ops, and coming up with concrete solutions over rhetoric. His idea is to provide local peace officers on the border to help DPS and the National Guard.

Creighton is working with officers from Montgomery County in a pilot program where counties would provide law enforcement officers to help counties near the border. The officers who go to these areas would receive special training. He said “these officers would gain skills which would equip them to better identify MS-13 gang members and illegal immigrants that are traveling through our county down I-45.”

Police Chief Andy Walters and Mayor James M. Kuykendall, both of Oak Ridge North, and Police Chief Domingo Ibarra of Magnolia, Texas, want to be part of the solution. They met with Creighton on Monday. The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department, and the Magnolia Police Department are also assisting in this effort.

Creighton wants to help counties “one county in. They really are in a bind,” he said. The former state representative has been moved by the cuts to salaries and the stripping of health insurance benefits that has occurred to officers in these counties. He told Breitbart Texas, “These counties do not receive the same financial assistance that counties right on the border receive. These officers do not want to go on Obamacare.”

Bob Price of Breitbart Texas has reported about the plight of counties like Brook County. He has seen first-hand the financial impact on that county.

“This county is going broke because of the cost of burying the illegal immigrants who die in Brooks County attempting to skirt the Border Patrol checkpoint,” Price said. “They now only have one deputy per shift covering an area about the size of Rhode Island. Volunteer police officers are stepping up to fill in the gap left by budget cuts. Currently volunteers are coming from The Valley region and San Antonio, but they need more help. They need manpower, they need equipment and they need money.”

Creighton hopes to get a pool of law enforcement from Central Texas and Houston. He “hopes the pool gets big and bigger.” He said the men “will not be Mavericks or Commandoes, they just want to be where people are needed.”

Creighton is organizing another meeting of law enforcement officers in Brenham, Texas. It will be held in the very near future.

Lana Shadwick is a lawyer and contributing writer to Breitbart Texas. Follow her @LanaShadwick2.