Tea Party Favorite Ken Paxton Elected Texas Attorney General

Tea Party Favorite Ken Paxton Elected Texas Attorney General

Republican State Senator Ken Paxton was elected Texas Attorney General on Tuesday evening. 

Paxton beat Democrat lawyer Sam Houston in his bid to replace the current Attorney General Greg Abbott. 

Paxton was previously endorsed by Texas Senator Ted Cruz who said, “Ken Paxton is a tireless conservative warrior. Ken Paxton stands and fights, whether it’s against Obamacare, whether it’s fighting for Voter I.D., or whether it’s fighting to defend our religious liberty. And I’m proud to say Ken Paxton is my friend in fighting hard for the State of Texas.”

Earlier this year, Paxton told an audience at the Texas GOP convention that the states’ model of low taxes and reliable regulation is threatened by liberal ideals. 

“Texas is under assault,” he said. “We’re under assault economically…We’re [also] under assault politically. If [the left] can move this state into the Democrat column they will control the White House, they will control the Senate, and they will control the House.”

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