Prosecutors Say Corrupt Texas Border Politician Stole Gov’t Wire

Mike Montemayor
Cuate Santos/AP

MCALLEN, Texas — A former Texas Border politician who pleaded guilty to bribery and worked as an informant wearing a wire with agents is now in hot water for allegedly keeping the wire and refusing to cooperate with authorities.

Former Webb County Commissioner Kristopher Michael Montemayor is expected to go before a U.S. District Judge in Laredo for a sentencing hearing where prosecutors are asking the judge to throw the book at him by sentencing him to more than seven years in prison.

Montemayor pleaded guilty in June to accepting more than $120,000 in bribes and gifts which included a pickup truck, various football trips, two IPads and cash, court records obtained by Breitbart Texas show.

The bribes came from various businesses in Laredo seeking to get contracts with Webb County. Other bribes were from government informants looking to expose Montemayor.

As previously reported by Jason Buch from San Antonio Express News, Montemayor had initially accepted to work with federal agents in order to get a reduced sentence, but then stopped cooperating with them and kept the recording device.

Prosecutors had the memorandum describing the charges against Montemayor sealed shortly after it was filed in court.

As Breitbart Texas previously reported, public corruption continues to be a problem along the Texas border where city officials, county officials, and even county sheriffs have been convicted for bribery or other illicit activity. In response, the FBI created a special corruption unit that is expected to work in the coming months on tackling the problem.

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