Border Corruption

Texas Border City Mayor Faces Federal Bribery, Fraud Charges

A Texas border city mayor faces federal fraud charges for the alleged use of his connections to influence a local school district to purchase goods from one of his companies. If convicted, the politician would mark the latest in a history of official contract rigging in South Texas.

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LISTEN: Texas Democrat Who Railed on Blacks Now Caught Trashing Mexicans, Women

BROWNSVILLE, Texas — A border Democrat recently caught on tape using the n-word to describe two black prosecutors is now in hot water for directing racist language toward Hispanics and sexist terms in reference to a female political opponent. While the commissioner has apologized for his use of the initial racial slur, it remains unclear if he has done so for the rest of his insults.

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Feds Accuse Former Texas Police Chief of Working with Mexican Cartel

McALLEN, Texas — Federal authorities arrested a former chief and current police sergeant for his role in allegedly helping Mexico’s Gulf Cartel move cocaine and marijuana through his jurisdiction. The Texas cop claimed that he needed money to pay for his upcoming bid for county constable after a failed attempt for the Hidalgo County Sheriff position.


5 Texas Border Sheriffs Who Were Linked to Mexican Cartels

The ties between elected officials and the Mexican transnational criminal organizations we call “cartels” do not stop at the U.S.-Mexico border. In many instances, such corruption manifested on the north side of the line. We detail below five such instances where Texas border sheriffs were indicted and sentenced to prison for such ties.

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Medios Mexicanos Elogian a Los Zetas por Regalar Juguetes de Navidad a los Pobres

NUEVO LAREDO, Tamaulipas — Un día después de Navidad, hombres armados del cártel de Los Zetas trabajaron al aire libre con completa impunidad entregando juguetes a las comunidades pobres de la ciudad. Algunos medios de comunicación locales elogiaron al sanguinario cártel por el evento, ignorando los innumerables actos de violencia, asesinatos, torturas y desapariciones de las que son responsables las organizaciones criminales.

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Mexican Border Cops Jailed for Kidnapping Civilian

PIEDRAS NEGRAS, Coahuila — A group of Mexican municipal police officers continue to be held in custody in connection with the kidnapping and extortion of a local man from the border region in this state. The arrest was made following a high-speed chase as the rogue cops tried to escape from state authorities.

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