Chaos in Mexico City After Gas Explosion Crumbles Children’s Hospital

Mexico City Explosion - Borough chief Adrian Rubalcava
Borough chief Adrian Rubalcava

Three people have died and more than 50 are injured following a gas explosion outside of a children’s hospital in a Mexico City suburb.

Emergency crews were mobilized to the area shortly after a tanker that was supplying natural gas exploded in the Cuajimilpa neighborhood just south of Mexico City, a news release from Mexico City’s Mayor Miguel Angel Mancera revealed.

While the information is preliminary in nature, the explosion is believed to have been cause by a tanker supplying gas to the hospital when the hose burst, setting off the explosion, the release stated.

The hospital was almost completely demolished by the blast and emergency crews have been working non-stop to aid the 54 victims, 22 of which are children. According to the information made available by officials, eight individuals sustained serious injuries while the others simply have cuts and bruises from the glass and debris thrown by the blast.

Authorities continue to work to rescue the victims that remain trapped in the buildings rubble.

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