Child Custody Dispute Gone Bad: Mexican Cops Kidnap Wrong Girl and Send Her to Texas

Alondra Luna - YouTube
Alondra Luna - YouTube

Kicking and screaming, Mexican authorities took a 14-year-old Alondra Luna from her school and flew her to Houston in an attempt to resolve a child custody dispute. They sent Luna to Houston to reunite her with the woman they thought was her mother. It turned out later that she was not the girl’s mother.

The weird case began last week when Dorotea Garcia Macedo, a legal resident of Houston, claimed to have found her long lost daughter who had been kidnapped almost a decade ago by her former lover Reynaldo Diaz and taken to Mexico, Mexico’s El Universal reported.

Garcia claimed to have traveled to the Mexican state of Guanajuato and tracked down her daughter. A Mexican federal judge by the name of Cinthia Elodia Mercado signed off on the warrant without requesting any DNA testing. Thss allowed the police to take the girl by force.

A video of two Mexican officers basically kidnapping the girl out of a junior high school sparked outrage throughout Mexico. The girl’s parents claimed that the cops had mistaken the identity and kidnapped their daughter.

Over the weekend the young girl had posted a video to social media where she claims to be in good spirits and telling her parents that she is ok. The girl said that she would be undergoing DNA testing to confirm if the woman in Houston was her mother.

“If it turns out positive I don’t know what will happen but if it’s negative I’ll hopefully be sent home with my parents,” Luna said in the video.

Just this week Mexico’s Foreign Relations Ministry announced that the DNA testing had proved negative and that the young girl was on her way back to Mexico to be reunited with her parents.

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