McKinney Protester Predicts Terrorism: ‘Us Against… Law Officers and People Continuing to Allow Racism’


In a strangely-worded statement at a press conference in McKinney, Texas on Monday, a Dallas pastor appears to warn that open carry laws may lead to terrorism by “us” against law enforcement. The statement came as protestors criticized a police officer seen aggressively restraining a 15-year-old black girl in a bikini, in video that went viral.

“We just passed an open weapons law in this state. We’re setting the stage for a terrorist attack in this country and the group’s not going to be ISIS, it’s going to be US-IS,” the pastor said.  “Us against these injustice law officers and people continuing to allow racism to go into this city.”

The speaker was the Rev. Ronald Wright, from a group called Justice Seekers Texas. The group describes itself on their website as:

Founded February 2010  a newly formed Civil Rights and Social Justice Organization which focuses on Civil Rights and Social Justice (for all citizens), Education, Health, Employee Rights, Veterans Affairs, Domestic Violence, Juvenile Delinquency/Recidivism, Assisting ex-felons with employment opportunities, Rights of the incarcerated, probationers, and parolee

Rev. Wright and his group have led protests around the state.