Bizarre: After Car Accident, Woman Strips Naked, Climbs on 18 Wheeler

naked woman on truck
Photo: Twitter/@ABC13Houston

HOUSTON, Texas – In a bizarre incident, a woman stripped naked and climbed on top of an 18 wheeler in northwest Houston Monday morning, stopping outbound traffic for about two hours. The incident began after a multi-car accident that closed down two lanes of traffic.

Deputies with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office were called to the scene after callers reported a pedestrian being struck by a car on the freeway, Click2Houston reported. As the deputies arrived, the woman was stripping off her clothes and then she climbed on top of the tractor-trailer. The naked standoff brought traffic on the busy highway to a complete stop.

Breitbart Texas observed a fire department ladder truck moving towards the scene, and a traffic backup that stretched for several miles on U.S. Highway 290. The ladder truck was eventually used to bring deputies up to the top of the truck to talk with the woman.

In the YouTube video below, Raul Leal (@Texacalistudios) captured the scene of the woman sitting on top of the truck.

From time to time, the woman could be seen standing up and dancing, and then she would sit back down on the cab of the truck. Eventually, the fire department’s ladder truck was able to move deputies up to the cab where they were able to handcuff her and get her safely back to the ground.

One woman, Susan Primm, who witnessed the incident commented on Facebook, “I rode by the accident on 290, she was fully clothed and laying in the middle of the freeway. I thought she was dead. Then she stood up and started waving her hands in the air and walking toward the trucks, it was a little scary…. There was a small black vehicle that hit the retaining wall of the HOV, assumed it was her car…. “

It is not known if she was in the black vehicle, had been hit by the black vehicle or was involved in the initial incident.

Traffic on the freeway eventually re-opened to the relief of travelers in the area.

This is not the first naked pedestrian incident along this section of HWY 290. In late 2015 Breitbart Texas observed Jersey Village police officers dealing with a man who was walking naked along the inbound feeder road of HWY 290. This is about a mile from where Monday’s incident occurred. Officers told Breitbart Texas the man was wearing a wrist band from a mental facility in the area. Officers said they initially received a call about a man wearing a hospital gown walking along the roadway. By the time they arrived he was naked.

It is not known if the woman in Monday’s incident was wearing any similar wrist band.

Bob Price is a senior political news contributor for Breitbart Texas and a member of the original Breitbart Texas team. Follow him on Twitter @BobPriceBBTX.