Police: Texas Mom Drowned Two Children–Hid Bodies

Mother Drowns Children 1
KTRK Video Screenshot

Houston police officers reported that a woman drowned her two children in their bathtub and then hid the bodies under a neighbor’s house.

Sheborah Thomas, 33, moved to the neighborhood located just south of downtown Houston in April, the Houston Chronicle reported on Sunday. Houston police officers were called to the scene after Thomas told an acquaintance she needed help packing up to move because she had drowned her son and daughter in their bathtub and hid the bodies under a neighbor’s house. The man called police.

Sheborah Thomas - KTRK Video Screenshoot

Sheborah Thomas – KTRK Video Screenshoot

A swarm of officers responded to the call and began an investigation. Houston Police Department Spokesman Kese Smith told reporters the man noticed Thomas throwing out a large amount of trash. When he approached her, Thomas asked him to help her pack up her belongings as she needed to move right away.

He followed Thomas into her home and noticed she didn’t have many belongings to pack. He asked the woman where her two children were and she responded “matter-of-factly” that she killed the children, Smith told reporters. He said the children were killed sometime on Friday.

He told police he thought the woman was kidding and continued helping her pack her belongings. He asked again where the children were and Thomas replied that she had already told him.

The man left the house and drove around the block. He then decided to return to her home and spoke with her again. He realized she was serious about her claim of murdering her son and daughter.

Eventually, the man convinced Thomas to get in his car and he drove the woman to the Houston Police Department’s South Central patrol station. He parked a block away from the station as to not alert Thomas of his intentions. When a patrol car approached, the man flagged the officer down and told him what Thomas had said to him.

7-year-old Orayln “Ray Ray” and 5-year-old Kahana Thomas (KTRK Video Screenshot)

7-year-old Orayln “Ray Ray” and 5-year-old Kahana Thomas (KTRK Video Screenshot)

The police officers immediately arrested the woman. Officers were dispatched to her home and eventually found the bodies of 7-year-old Orayln “Ray Ray” and 5-year-old Kahana Thomas.

Smith told reporters there had been no major calls for service to police for the home she had rented since April. He said she did not appear to have a history of mental illness. Records from the Harris County District Clerk’s office revealed Thomas has a minor criminal history with three misdemeanor charges dating back to 2009. Two charges for theft and one charge of failing to identify herself to a police officer.

The father of the two deceased children is currently serving time in prison for possession of PCP. A divorce petition was filed in 2012, but was never finalized.

Children’s Protective Services Spokeswoman Tejal Patel confirmed the agency had previously been involved with the children but could not provide any details. She said an investigation has been launched and the Office of Child safety would carry out a “top-to-bottom review of this case.”

Thomas’ sister-in-law told the Houston Chronicle reporters “This is the type of stuff that you see on TV. To actually feel it yourself is devastating. It’s hurtful. It’s ridiculous.”

“They were just innocent, growing kids,” the children’s aunt said.

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