Hey Contessa — What Part Of 'Illegal' Don't You Understand?

Well, looky here: it’s everybody’s favorite clueless MSNBC anchor babe, Contessa Brewer, the pride of Syracuse University, dealing with one of the contentious issues of the day with her usual winning combination of invincible ignorance and aggressive emotionalism.

Does this lead to a situation where neighbors are turning in neighbors or families turning against families?

MSNBC has gone so far in the tank that even its news shows are more like a vaudeville act than, you know, journalism. The function of the guest in these interviews is now less to answer questions or provide an alternative point of view, but to be part of the act; in this case, it’s California congresswoman, Loretta Sanchez, who — amazingly — agrees with just about everything la Contessa says!

No wonder nobody watches MSNBC: the whole thing is simply an excuse for a Democrat politician to make yet another pitch for “comprehensive reform.” And you know what that means…


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