Comedy Central's Religious Cowardice


[youtube mHX5RctMzWE nolink]

Just weeks after Comedy Central executives censored a program because of its depiction of Muhammad, the network has announced it has a new cartoon series in development that could not be more disrespectful of Christianity. Entitled “JC”, the show will depict Jesus living in contemporary New York City trying to “escape his father’s enormous shadow.”

Comedy Central’s long history of defaming Christianity.

Putting aside Comedy Central’s religious insensitivity, it takes a lot of guts to attack Christians and wimp out to violent Muslim fanatics.

Once again, while Islam and other faiths are treated carefully and respectfully by the media and Hollywood elite, the Judeo-Christian heritage is open for mockery and ridicule. The Media Research Center is launching a citizen petition to expose this double standard and calls on Comedy Central and its parent company Viacom to stop this blatant anti-Christian attack. Please sign the petition today and stand against this egregious double standard.

This one may have legs.