Former FNC Producer Commits Suicide; Left Classless As Usual


A young woman’s mother dies recently, and a few weeks later, suffering from severe depression, she herself dies, falling off a cliff in California in an apparent suicide. In the old days of responsible journalism, publications didn’t report suicides unless they were of high-profile people. So why was this apparent suicide worth of coverage on the leftist snarksite called Gawker?


The woman just happened once to work for the Fox News Channel:

Julianna Rolle, a 39 year-old former Fox News producer, was found dead at the bottom of a 100-foot cliff last weekend in her hometown of Rancho Palos Verdes, California. Authorities now say she jumped to her death…

Rolle’s father said that she had joined Fox News in New York as a producer after graduating from UCLA, and “traveled through Europe and worked as a bureau chief in Iraq, covering the war.” We can’t find any further information about her employment online, however. We’ve emailed Fox News for confirmation and we’ll update if we hear more.

While many of Gawker’s readers displayed the appropriate sentiments, some of the tolerant, compassionate liberals predictably showed their true colors, which was probably the whole point of publishing the obit in the first place.

Dear other Fox News employees: Julianna Rolle is a shining example for you all.


There’s more:

How can you not be depressed working for Fox News? All they do is push the agenda of lies that the world is coming to an end and it will never get better as long as Democrats hold the power? I personally could not live with the guilt of manufacturing misery for a paycheck.


Sad. Now let’s see how Fox manages to blame this on Obama.

Weegee’s bored

I like how FNC hustled to clarify that she was “definitely not a Bureau Chief.” GFYFNC.


I guess she lost her balance.

Can’t. Help. It……sorry! I’m a terrible human being.


Well, considering that the rest of Fox News has all of the individuality of a leap (herd? pack?) of lemmings …. (crossing my fingers)


Did she jump, or did Bill O’Reilly push?


True to form. Meanwhile, Gawker has issued two updates — to clarify her relationship with Fox News, of course:

UPDATE: Fox News spokesman Brian Lewis tells us that Rolle was a staff field producer in the NY bureau, from May of 1997 to July of 2005. He says that she was “definitely not a Bureau Chief.”

UPDATE 2: A friend of Rolle’s writes us: “Her tenure at FNC did in fact include two different ‘tours of duty’ in Iraq. She volunteered to go and while perhaps not carrying the title, “Bureau Chief” she WAS the senior person working in the bureau calling the shots. Good to see how much Fox appreciates their former employees who risk their lives to feed their machine.”

Stay classy, Gawker. Stay classy.

scarletmenace was unstarred

@scarletmenace: Obvious lowbrow joke is obvious.

If you’re going to joke about someone’s suicide at least make it unique and original. Reply

@NorwoodIsMyHero: It’s not a joke about Julianna Rolle it’s a comment on Fox News. Reading comprehension. Reply

@scarletmenace: Dear Hamilton Nolan, you’re a hypocrite. Give me back my star. Reply

@scarletmenace: Yes, I know that, and knew that when I posted my original reply to you.

The joke was still lowbrow and unoriginal.

It’s pretty tough to get unstarred while making a negative comment about Fox News so I’ll give you an A for effort. Reply


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