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Say it Often Enough and Loud Enough…..


People may begin to believe it.

That’s why truth needs to surface and lies get buried as soon as possible.

Since the activist old media resisted at every turn making Anthony Weiner the issue, they have to continue bashing on Andrew Breitbart until reality either totally changes, or becomes so dull that everybody is confused.

From my 30 years in working in the media I know well how this game is played. Say something often enough and loud enough and people will eventually believe it. Say Ronald Reagan is a “crazy cowboy with his finger on the nuclear switch” and an entire generation may believe it. It will take another generation or two for the truth to finally come out and an accurate history will (hopefully) be written. Now Time Magazine creates photos of Barack Obama on the cover with Reagan in an effort to restore their Dear Leader’s image. Who would’ve thunk?

The great thing about Andrew is that he is fearless and he could care less what the activist old media say about him. I was there in Chicago and saw the crowds go after Andrew last year when he dared ask them simple questions about the signs they were carrying. They could not answer, they retreated, but not before these leftists, who were there to protest a conservative convention, threw ugly, insulting epitaphs at Breitbart. Not to worry. The video told the true story and Andrew faced the media that day, much as he did Monday in DC and told it like it was.

That seems a simple thing to do, but too often the media tells it as they would like to see it, instead of how it really is. Perhaps that’s why there is such a bond between the American left and the activist old media. Both have issues with reality.

The media still bring up the Shirley Sherrod issue, as if this gives them forever ammo against Andrew.

Andrew plays a video that he had at the time illustrating how a crowd of people responded to a racist statement made by Sherrod. The media, not Breitbart, pursued Sherrod.

This is not that tough to figure out.

Still you get a host on MSNBC saying “Breitbart is a proven liar, he doctored the Shirley Sherrod tapes.” Ugh.

These are supposedly respected journalists who are trusted with TV shows on a network (well, sort of a network.)

Andrew has defended himself enough on this issue, now it’s long past time for the truth to defend itself. I still, perhaps naively, believe that is possible.

The activist old media were pulled kicking and screaming into the WeinerGate story and they are not happy about that, thus, they have to distract, detract, deflect and create another villain. Resurrect Shirley Sherrod and wrongly use it as ammo against a good man.

The left expect Andrew to buckle and shrink under the weight of their attacks. Guess what, they don’t know who they are going after here. They expect him to cower and wimper and hide. Aint gonna happen.

The worst thing the activist old media could imagine is seeing somebody establish credibility and challenge their little closed, leftist society without playing by their rules established long ago.

Breaking news here, the rules have changed. American has demanded it, and Andrew is bringin’ it.


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