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Rock Bottom: Chris Matthews Would Allow John McCain to Guest Host "Hardball"


Chris Matthews has always been somewhat of an enigma. He’s not a good anchor, which is why he can’t draw an audience, yet he remains on the air, which is why I asked long ago whether someone was subsidizing him.

On a similar note, John McCain’s re-election to the Senate in 2010 was nearly inexplicable (unless you take into account the fact that he, Mister “get the money out of politics,” dumped $20,000,000.00 into his re-election campaign). To be honest, all that money is the only feasible explanation for how he secured another term during an election cycle that witnessed Tea Party candidates wiping the floor with nearly everyone else.

Speaking of the Tea Party, that reminds me that Matthews and McCain have something else in common – they both hate the Tea Party. Matthews hates it because it’s full of people who don’t care about what he thinks and who can’t be intimidated into shutting up and acting like good RINOS (Republicans-In-Name-Only). McCain hates it for the same reasons, plus the fact that they see right through his “Maverick” façade.

In a word, the tea party poses a political impediment to both men insomuch as it literally stands to undo the big government that Matthew and McCain have fought so hard to preserve.

This is why it really was no shock to see Matthews throw a love fest for McCain on Thursday, July 28, because McCain stood on the Senate floor and referred to tea party candidates from 2008 as “hobbits.” (McCain did this because that little temper of his got the best of him again, and he simply couldn’t handle knowing a small group of Tea Party conservatives in the House of Representatives managed to stall debt ceiling talks to the point of almost ending them altogether.)

Ironically, Mister “get the money out of politics” was perturbed because the plan he wanted to implement involves using more government (and therefore money) to solve our debt problems.

Matthews was so elated that McCain criticized the tea party that he actually offered McCain a chance to guest-host “Hardball” one night. Said Matthews:

“[McCain] can substitute for me some night with that kind of talk.”

Talk about being desperate for a guest host.

Anyway, the bad news in all this is that RINOs like McCain were able to round up enough votes to get Speaker Boehner’s plan through the House on Friday.

The good news is that McCain can guest-host “Hardball” from now till the cows come home and nothing will change. He can say “I’m a Maverick” 30 times per show yet the cold hard truth will still be that more people listen to commercials during Rush Limbaugh’s show than watch “Hardball” on any given night.


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