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Monday Crib Sheet


– If Right-side blogs are a good measure – and they would seem to be in this case – the Washington Post now leads the press wolf pack for the Media Malfeasance Award of the 2012 campaign for this attack on Texas Governor, Rick Perry. It’s unclear if Perry even had a right to change the camp’s long lost name had he tried. Along with this, you may want to peruse these posts by Ann Althouse and Pajamas Media.

Just for the benefit of those who know nothing of Texas or hunting:A game lease, of the sort involved in this story, isn’t like leasing a house or an apartment. The lessee doesn’t get to live on the property, nor to farm on it, nor even to visit it year-round. Instead, the lessee gets a limited-time, limited-scope license that keeps him from being a trespasser if he enters the property during hunting season for the purpose of hunting. That’s the essence of it.

Now we’re supposed to be horrified that three or four letters can still be read by a WaPo reporter squinting at a picture someone else took, we don’t know who or when? This is supposed to disqualify Rick Perry from political life?

– As for another big story this weekend, the media was all over coverage of arrests at the Occupy Wall Street protest. But will they also report precisely who is behind all that? Not likely. You can read the details on that via Big Government here and here.

RS McCain on whether debate-attendee and lawyer Sarah Rumpf is a real or make-believe person:

“She Quoted a Witness With the Improbable Name of Sarah Rumpf” — Sunshine State Sarah finds herself quoted by Dana Loesch — and cited by Keith Olbermann in naming Dana “Worst Person in the World”


Sarah was one of the people attending the Orlando debate who made the point that the audible boos for a soldier who asked a question about “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” came from a couple of people, who were shushed by those sitting near them. However few or many the boo-birds were, it struck me at the time that they were booing the question, rather than the soldier. Republicans are tired of divisive “gotcha” questions in debates. I was taught as a boy that booing is poor sportsmanship. You cheer your own team, but never boo the opponent. (Booing a bad call by the refs, however, is OK.)

Anyway, among the other improbable things Olbermann might wish to mock about Sarah Rumpf is her role in helping Herman Cain secure a key endorsement before the Florida Straw Poll

Read McCain’s entire post here.

– NewsBusters offers up a DailyKos week in review, so you don’t have to read it. However, you might want to catch up on all the alleged “white supremcacy” conservatives and the Tea Party are all about. Stupid is stupid, regardless of age, gender, religion, creed, or politics. One need only look back at the Koz Kidz over the years to appreciate that.

– Not content to only go after Rick Perry and the tea party this weekend, the media is back to going after the Koch brothers, as well. What’s that Dan Rather began to say near the end of his career? Courage! We’re not near the end of anything, friends. As with all true patriots, we have just begun to fight. Stay tuned.


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