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Wednesday Crib Sheet


– MMfA’s new slogan, hate groups for me, but not for thee? How many pea brains can you fit in a pod? I don’t know. How many employees does Media Matters have these days?

But of course MMFA immediately jumps to President Obama’s defense and makes every excuse for him. So far we haven’t heard anything from the MSM about the photos published at Big Government showing candidate Obama with the New Black Panther hate group.

– Forget the reindeer, GrandMa just got run over by a Commie!

ABC and NBC Champion Left-Wing Anti-Capitalist Protests, Fueled by Cookies from a ‘Grandmother in Idaho’

– Want to appear on MSNBC? Write a Bush-bashing book and don’t worry about inconvenient facts. If you get good enough at bashing the Right, they may even hire you as a regular one day.

Despite Pillar’s criticism of the Bush administration, he acknowledged to Wolf Blitzer that “There was a strong consensus, not only here in the United States but overseas, that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.”

– Lest we forget, Obama didn’t have to paint over Reverend Jeremiah Wright. The media did the painting for him.

I wonder how many rocks Wright’s hate led to being thrown over the years?

Rick’s Rock vs. Reverend Wright

Is there a clumsier group of newspaper character assassins than the hit squads at The Washington Post? On October 2, the Post was back on the racist-Republican attack with a 3,000-word investigative treatise over a rock. Specifically, Gov. Rick Perry had leased a property where the N-word was painted on a rock, and then he had it painted over with white paint.

– NBC seems to be on a Fat Tax campaign. So does CNN. Are they reporting news, or trying to create an environment for legislation? Where, oh where, is Roseanne Barr when one actually needs a fat mouth to weigh in?


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