Sound Bite for The Day: 'After Avoiding The Vietnam War, Why Should You Be Commander in Chief?'


During a lengthy Thursday interview, MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell suggested GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain served in the Navy during the Vietnam War, and Cain clarified that he was not a service member in the Navy but worked as an employee of the Navy designing artillery. After finding this out, O’Donnell immediately asked Mr. Cain why he “avoided” military service, implying that because he did not volunteer like John Kerry, that disqualifies Mr. Cain from becoming Commander-in-Chief:

After Cain explained that he made himself available for the draft but simply was not picked, O’Donnell doubled down with this lengthy harangue:

I am offended on behalf of all the veterans of the Vietnam War who joined, Mr. Cain — the veterans who did not wait to be drafted like John Kerry, who joined. They didn’t sit there and wait to find out what their draft board was gonna do. They had the courage to join and to go and to fight that war. What prevented you from joining, and what gives you the feeling that after having made that choice, you should be the Commander in Chief?

Mr. O’Donnell, who himself was of age to volunteer for the war as of 1969 but did not, apparently believes that he is a better spokesman for American veterans than Mr. Cain, who helped design the technology they used to protect themselves. It’s also interesting how Mr. O’Donnell suggests that Cain using his mind to design weapons was somehow less appropriate than using his hands to fire them.


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