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The Pizza Man Moron: More Racial 'Dog Whistles' From George Stephanopoulos and ABC News


Let’s all remember what the MSM has worked so hard to teach us over the past few years, and that’s that any criticism or diminishing of Barack Obama is… racism. So the question is, if the word “basketball” is coded racism and the term “food stamps” is coded racism, why is George Stephanopoulos attempting to diminish and ridicule Herman Cain and his extraordinary resume with insulting nickname “Pizza Man?”

Yesterday on “Good Morning America,” this was the graphic prior to Cain’s interview with Stephanopoulos:

Pizza Man’s Surge in the Race: Herman Cain One-on-One

And this morning on GMA, Stephanopoulos reported that “Pizza mogul Herman Cain” was “now at the top of the pack.” Then for more giggles and humiliation, here’s the selective video viewers were treated to:

This isn’t a joke, either. Stephanopoulos is a former Clinton hatchet man now disguising himself as a journalist and the narrative push is obviously on to portray Cain as a moron.

Of all the video ABC News obviously had to use, why that one? Why that clip?

It’s gotcha journalism at its worst, and if pointing out that our basketball-loving President loves basketball is racist–if correctly identifying a food stamp President as a food stamp President is racist–what are we to make of these undermining “Pizza Man,” “Cain’s Funniest Home Videos” attacks?

According to the MSM’s own standards, there’s a very troubling racial taint to ABC News and George Stephanopoulos taking Mr. Cain out of context, undermining his resume with these pizza cracks, and deceptively using video to portray him as a fool in front of their millions of viewers.

Their rules. Not mine.


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