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9-9-9: NBC'S David Gregory Will Tell Us What's 'Reality, 'Incontrovertible' and a 'Defect'



With a stunning lack of journalistic ethics and/or an equally stunning ignorance of economics, NBC’s David Gregory made three declarative partisan statements in less than seven minutes during his failed attempt to “gotcha” Herman Cain on yesterday’s “Meet the Press.” Naturally, these partisan statements were all disguised as objective truths.

While quoting so-called “independent” economic analysts who apparently do the left’s bidding by only looking at the shallowest surface of Cain’s 9-9-9 plan and declare it a 18% tax increase on the poor without considering the nuance of other possible benefits, Gregory informed Mr. Cain and the “MTP” audience, “That’s the reality, Mr. Cain,” and, “Why do you think that’s an acceptable reality?” Oh, so I guess that’s it, then? Gregory has declared what reality is based on his choice of “independent” analysts, so we can all just dutifully vote for Obama now.

That reality, of course, is a biased reality that says Cain’s 9-9-9 plan will raise taxes on the poor and those retired Americans currently living on a fixed income. And the media game being played here is an intentional one that only looks at taxes paid under 9-9-9 as opposed to what a dramatic lowering and restructuring of tax rates will do to lower prices for the poor and — as Mr. Cain says in his response to Gregory — how 9-9-9 eliminates other taxes paid by those on a retirement income, such as capital gains and other sources of income.

When you consider the fact that this is the same media that proudly did economic handstands to sell us on the phony, lying accounting gimmicks we all knew were in ObamaCare, it tells you everything you need to know about how brutally dishonest the MSM is going to be when it comes to covering our candidates this season.

Later in the interview, Gregory declares it “incontrovertible” that people will pay more in taxes based on what he was told by two “independent analysts.” In other words, NBC and “Meet the Press” will now choose who is “independent” and what is “incontrovertible.” Well, here’s my question: why aren’t those independent analysts digging deeper and looking at how any increase in taxes will be offset by the lowered cost of goods and not having to pay taxes AGAIN on retirement income? Doesn’t 9-9-9 at the very least deserve a little of the same digging and consideration the “budget neutral” ObamaCare received?

Gregory’s final moment of journalistic glory, however, comes when he informs us of a “defect” in 9-9-9. Way to stay neutral there, Dave.

But nothing sums up what a biased and/or uninformed interviewer Gregory is more than this statement:

But that doesn’t make any sense to me. If I’m already paying state taxes and I have a new Cain Administration’ national sales tax, I got more state taxes!

Whatever Gregory’s intentions were in spouting this ignorance, this is an absolute falsehood. You will not pay “more state taxes” under a Cain Administration. Cain’s 9-9-9 doesn’t do anything to increase state taxes. And yet, all day on MSNBC, I’ve seen the clip of this moment replayed accompanied by Andrea Mitchell rolling her eyes at Cain’s inability to grasp his own plan. Which tells me Gregory likely spouted this nonsense intentionally to create a talking point for the next day that could be twisted in a way that made Cain look like a fool.

In other news: Our very own “conservative,” Jennifer Rubin at the Washington Post, has bought David Gregory’s “independent analyst” nonsense hook, line, and sinker. With friends like these…


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