Anderson Cooper: When Tonight's Debate Moderator Talks About 'Keeping Them Honest,' He Doesn't Mean Obama


Why does the GOP agree to debates hosted by those openly hostile to our side like MSNBC, Politico, and Anderson “teabagging” Cooper? Democrats aren’t stupid. Their refusal to accept Fox News’ debate invitations during the 2008 election wasn’t cowardice; it was smart. To stay away from the tough questions Fox would’ve asked and stay within the safe confines of the corrupt MSM was an effective tactical move. Democrats want to win elections. We, on the other hand, too often want to be liked by all the worst people.

Why oh, why, can’t the GOP be as determined to win elections as Democrats? Or just half as determined? There are plenty of brilliant conservatives who would do a terrific job moderating debates and, in the process, allow our candidates to get their message out, land blows on Obama, and differentiate themselves from one another. Best of all, the questions wouldn’t be intentionally loaded with wedge issues that are meant to hurt us, distract from our central message, and keep us from discussing Obama’s growing pile of failures. Instead, as though they were running for the office of Chief Kamikaze, our side has chosen to go to Las Vegas tonight and to give Cooper the opportunity to use a two-hour debate as an opportunity to create talking points for his Precious One.

Cooper’s hostility towards our side and everything we believe in is obvious on an almost nightly basis, and in keeping with my article yesterday about these left-wing, partisans disguised as fact-checkers that now pop up everywhere in the MSM, nowhere is this more obvious than during Cooper’s regular feature, where he of the steely blue eyes and penetratingly thoughtful thousand-yard stare assumes the role of… Truth-teller!

This is not only a breach of journalistic ethics on his part, but all you have to do is watch “AC360” on a somewhat regular basis to know how badly he abuses this segment.

How badly?

This badly:

CNN advertises Cooper’s regular segment, “Keeping Them Honest,” with the question: “Who’s Anderson keeping honest tonight?” Apparently, CNN and Cooper find Republicans are much more dishonest. Since July, a review of “Keeping Them Honest” segments found 24 reports tagging the Republicans with dishonesty, compared with just three for Democrats – a ratio of eight to one. …

Cooper’s “Keeping them Honest” segments have targeted Republicans and conservatives at all levels of power, including the presidential candidates, congressional Republicans, and even state and local officials. Yet Cooper’s nightly fact-checking has been far lighter on the President and administration that’s currently in power, providing little coverage of the ongoing Solyndra scandal or other administration foibles.

Cooper reported once on Solyndra on September 14, and then never ran another “Keeping Them Honest” segment about it. In contrast, Cooper devoted no less than five of these reports to updating previous segments he had done hitting Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann.

In addition, while Cooper devoted more than a few reports hitting both parties in Congress, he also used five reports since July 1 to hit Republicans in the House and Senate. None of his segments in that time period targeted only the Democrats in Congress.

One of the segments targeted conservative Republicans in particular. On September 22, Cooper claimed that demanding spending-cut offsets for Hurricane Irene spending marked the “first time ever” someone had used a hurricane as a “political wedge.”

Cooper’s highly partisan “Keeping Them Honest” segments are absolutely no different than when CNN brings in those outside Left-wing mercenaries from PolitiFact to hammer our side. Their weapon? Using what they designate as fact and truth as bludgeons to undermine our side’s credibility, call us liars, and change the narrative. As I wrote yesterday:

These fact-checkers are especially useful to the MSM at killing any momentum or narrative advantage our side gains. We land a blow, the MSM finds a way to somehow declare that blow a lie; then they make that the story and suddenly our side is off message and on defense and Obama is back on message.

But rather than fight the chief abuser of this tactic, tonight we place our entire army into his partisan hands for two entire hours.

You know, sometimes we deserve to lose elections.

Bonus: During tonight’s debate, every time Cooper brings up his latest pet cause of bullying or uses the term “keeping them honest” — go out and punch a hippie.


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