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Occupy Wall Street: At CNN, Some Allegations of Sexual Abuse Are More Equal Than Others


The MSM’s infatuation with the Occupy Wall Street movement becomes incredibly obvious when compared to how they covered the Tea Party movement. Those of us who oppose the unconstitutional largess of the federal government, especially under President FailureTeleprompter, were treated to the kind of coverage usually reserved for Sarah Palin. The tactic was simple. Major stories were created out of an intentionally-crafted soda straw context where small things, like signs held by obvious infiltrators, were used to define tens of thousands of everyday Americans.

The reason for this was obvious. The MSM represent Obama’s Palace Guards, and any grassroots citizen movement that might damage Their Precious One had to be strangled in the crib. Therefore, even though the Tea Party movement is almost laughably peaceful, polite, and inclusive, the corrupt MSM, including CNN, refuse to portray them as such.

The exact opposite is true for the Occupy Wall Street movement, which is riddled with those willing to commit violence (31%), property damage, and outright extortion. And naturally, this grassroots movement is mostly astroturf and getting more astroturfy by the day. Then there’s that whole anti-Semitism thing the MSM is now aggressively fighting to underplay. After all, who you going to believe? Infamous JournoLister Dave Weigel or those “crazed Righties” at the ADL and your lying eyes?

The way the left and obviously the White House see it, Occupy Wall Street can help a President who’s desperate for a 2012 scapegoat to take the fall for his failed domestic policies. Obama really has no other chance of winning re-election other than the hope that the American people forget that for two years absolutely everything he wanted was passed… and failed spectacularly.

This means that Occupy Wall Street must be legitimized, encouraged and reported on in the same way the Tea Party was but with one important distinction.The dishonest context must focus on the positive.

To understand how corrupt and misleading the Occupy Wall Street coverage has been at, for instance, CNN, I give you a tale of two alleged sexual assaults.

Today, this was reported quite prominently at CNN’s Website:

A class-action lawsuit has been filed on behalf of three immigrant women who were allegedly sexually assaulted while in the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Texas, the American Civil Liberties Union said this week.

The ACLU, citing documents it said it had obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, said in a news release that there have been nearly 200 allegations of sexual abuse of immigration detainees jailed at detention facilities across the United States since 2007.

The ACLU release did not give dates of any of the alleged assaults, including those involving the three women who are plaintiffs in the class-action suit. The plaintiffs were identified only as Sarah Doe, Kimberly Doe and Raquel Doe “to protect them from further harm,” the ACLU said.

Make no mistake, this is a legitimate story that should be reported. And naturally, CNN loves the story because anything that portrays illegals as victims of big, bad America makes CNN giddy. Better still, it portrays illegals as victims of “border enforcement,” which hits about every left-wing sweet spot there is.

But now we’re going to take a look at the stories of alleged sexual abuse CNN chose not to report (according to a good faith search of both Lexis/Nexis and the CNN website).

This one.

This one.

This one.

This one.

And then there’s this, this, and the disturbing video posted above.

The single most rhetorical question one could ask is how hysterical would CNN get if even a single Tea Party protest included even a single allegation of sexual abuse, much less around a half-dozen in just over a month.

But truth doesn’t matter to CNN or their counterparts in the MSM. The narrative is what matters.

The peaceful Tea Party hurts Obama and therefore must be destroyed.

Illegal aliens turn Red States into Blue States, and anything that keeps them coming must be encouraged.

Occupy Wall Street mobilizes young people to vote for Obama, so within their midst, alleged rapes and sexual assaults must be ignored.


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