Thursday Crib Sheet: DNC Attacks Jake Tapper, Romney Complains Over Baier Questions

– Apparently, calling your viewers “bastards” may affect your ratings.

The DNC attacks Jake Tapper for not being a lapdog.

Mitt Romney complains to Bret Baier that Baier’s questions were “overlyaggressive.”

If Romney thinks Baier is “too aggressive,” wait until he gets a load of the Iranians. Sheesh.

Apple TV is coming:

Apple analyst Gene Munster just reiterated his belief that Apple is going to launch a TV next year.

He made the comments at our IGNITION: Future of Media conference this morning.

In fact, Gene is so sure an Apple TV is coming that he told anyone in the audience who is thinking of buying a TV to wait, because Apple’s is going to be awesome.

More on Gingrich vs WaPo.

USA Today loses a top editor:

As many of you know, John Hillkirk’s passion for watchdog journalism runs deep. John, Dave and I have agreed that this is a good time to make a change in his role and he has expressed a desire to return to what he loves most about journalism, which is being engaged in the day to day creation of investigative journalism that has a positive impact on people and communities.

Today, John has been named the senior editor for investigative journalism and national enterprise reporting for USA Today. John will bring intelligence, analytical thinking, and his deep knowledge about business and how Washington works to one of the most critical areas of reporting for USA Today. He was the leading force behind the formation of our investigative unit so it’s fitting that he’ll now assume oversight of the investigative reporting team.

Nickelodeon ratings take a dive.


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