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Vanity Fair Attempts Serious News By Analyzing Gingrich Office Gewgaws


When did Vanity Fair become a poorly-written, fraternity version of itself, aka Wonkette? VF has delved into the serious journalistic endeavor of analyzing Newt Gingrich’s office knickknacks.

I know it’s the publication’s attempt to be cutesy, but instead it comes off as disingenuously bitter. Who cares if Newt Gingrich at one time had a Bedazzled t-rex skull? Dave Chappelle scrambled t-rex eggs. [Language warning.]

[youtube RRfPXWrw7zU?t=1m30s nolink]

A heat-retaining mug that has some sort of cartoon character on it, which may or may not have any connection to Gingrich. This entire office seems less like the working space of a former congressman than the set of a high-school play decorated with a few arbitrary, inconsistent “personal items.”

Where was Vanity Fair when we needed forensic analysis of Anthony Weiner’s reportedly dirty office?

Said Mark Foley at the time, from an article quoted in the VF piece:

“To commission a separate piece of art . . . in this time of cost cutting, that’s not something I think I could justify,” said Rep. Mark Foley, a GOP freshman from Florida.

Foley later went on to an infamous resignation after sending sexaytimez emails to a congressional page.


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