Sources: ABC Dumping Amanpour from Struggling Sunday Show


Potential good news via the New York Post:

Christiane Amanpour may soon be giving up the anchor chair on ABC News’ “This Week.” Sources say network honchos are mulling who might replace the award-winning journalist, who has struggled in the ratings since she jumped from CNN to take the reins of the public affairs show in August 2010. “There are discussions of Amanpour’s role changing to that of a global affairs anchor,” a source said. Possible names to fill her seat include ABC’s Jonathan Karl, Terry Moran, Matthew Dowd and Jake Tapper. “Good Morning America” anchor George Stephanopoulos, who hosted the show for eight years, may take back his role and “pull double duty” by hosting the morning show and the Sunday political talk show.

“This Week” has never recovered from the loss of David Brinkley, a legendary newsman respected by both left and right for his objectivity and probing intelligence. Placing former Clintonista George Stephanopoulos in that chair seemed like the worst idea ABC News could’ve possibly made, at least until Christiane Amanpour was hired to take his place.

Regardless, both of those left-wing partisans who disguise themselves as objective journalists were slaps to the face of Brinkley’s legacy, but there have been brief, shining moments when the “This Week” planets have realigned.

Whenever ABC’s Jake Tapper has guest-hosted, “This Week” returns to form. Tough, dogged, fiercely intelligent, and as close to objective as anyone can ask for, Tapper has shown himself time and again to be worthy of Brinkley’s chair. He’s also a legitimate reporter who knows his way around Washington and who the players are.

I’m not alone in my regard for Tapper, either. While conservatives don’t see him as an ally, they do see him as the rare member of the mainstream media willing to hit both sides equally hard and unwilling to simply accept leftist dogma as fact.

That’s all we ask for.


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