Thursday Crib Sheet: Fox's 'Obamaney,' Ryan Seacrest for Matt Lauer?


– Huffington Post said they simply couldn’t allow Andrew Breitbart on their pages due to “ad hominem,” but this didn’t stop them from publishing the same from Bill Maher.

– Michelle Malkin and Sean Hannity disagree on 2012 candidates. Malkin: “It’s not ‘nitpicking,’ Sean …”

[youtube UW8qJgq4clU nolink]

Latest ratings show AC360 beating Lawrence O’Donnell’s over-acted Shakespearian drama.

Screencap of the day: Obamaney

Megyn Kelly joked: “As it turns out they are not the same man. Not philosophically, not ideologically, not in any other way… our apologies for that error.” Some voters would disagree.

– The Internet: Jake Tapper was robbed.– Really? Ryan Seacrest for Matt Lauer? Lauer isn’t a shining example of objectivity, but would audiences warm to Seacrest’s transition from entertainment to news? I always envisioned him as the new Dick Clark.

– Wow. McClatchy disputes Medal of Honor recipient story.


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