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When Will Brian Williams Report On Or Even Say 'Fast And Furious?'


Brian Williams of NBC is trying to qualify for quote of the year, in this the 11th hour.

Coming out of a commercial break on Rock Center Monday night, Williams said this:

“As we try to do on occasion, we wanna take a look at a few things that might have slipped by us of late.”

Seriously, Brian? You want to look at things that might have slipped by you?

No you don’t.

Was that line supposed to be on Saturday Night Live and you got the wrong script? I know you have a good sense of humor, maybe you were just joking. It could happen.

To Brian Williams and NBC; ever heard of Fast and Furious and Solyndra? I’m here to tell you, those two have slipped by you, of late. Actually, nobody believes they have “slipped by” you. You are intentionally not reporting these two stories.

I thought perhaps this was a budget issue … you know, staff cutbacks … but since you hired a new reporter named Chelsea Clinton maybe you can send her on one of those stories. If not then maybe it’s another issue. As a journalist myself, I tend to be just a bit cynical and “some may say” you’re not covering these stores because they could make Barack Obama look bad. Some may say that. If your entire staff of reporters are afraid of what the President might think if you do either of these stories, call me. I actually know the stories and I’m not afraid of what the President thinks of me if I do them. I’ll tell the truth and put it in the proper context. Looks like you’re hiring, which is a good thing right now. Some may say jobs are hard to come by right now. Yes, I can do a stand-up, read a prompter and I still have my hair. Your friends at HBO had me on recently to take down corrupt, powerful people, so I can hold my own in that arena. I work fast, I’ll have one hell of a story for you by the February Book … sooner if you want it, but you seem not to be in a hurry.

Media bias is the same, whether by commission, or omission. Nice line there Brian, nobody believes you really meant it, what’s worse is that you don’t believe it either. You’re the face of NBC and by omitting those stories some may say you are not doing your job. Some may say that.


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