Jimmy Carter's Not So 'Subtle Racism' Unexplored on CNN with Piers Morgan

The other day on CNN Jimmy Carter accused Newt Gingrich has that “subtlety of racism.”

This isn’t a new argument for Jimmy Carter. He argued Rep. Joe Wilson’s charge that Obama was lying about illegal immigrants receiving health care under ObamaCare was motivated by racial animus:

I think it’s based on racism…. “There is an inherent feeling among many in this country that an African-American should not be president.”

But Jimmy Carter is one of the most racist politicians in the history of the modern South as Steve Hayward perceptively argues in The Real Jimmy Carter: How Our Worst Ex-President Undermines American Foreign Policy, Coddles Dictators and Created the Party of Clinton and Kerry.

Jimmy Carter’s actions in his 1970 race for the Georgia governor. David Freddoso of Commentary Magazine explains in The Washington Examiner:

  • Carter’s top campaign staffers were spotted distributing grainy photographs of Sanders arm-in-arm celebrating with two black men. Sanders was a part-owner of the Atlanta Hawks, and in the photograph he was celebrating a victory with two players who were pouring champagne over his head. Carter’s leaflet was intended to depress Sanders’s white vote.
  • “The Carter campaign also produced a leaflet noting that Sanders had paid tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr.”
  • Carter criticized Sanders, a former governor, for preventing Alabama Gov. and notorious segregationist George Wallace from speaking on Georgia state property. “I don’t think it was right for Governor Sanders to try to please a group of ultra-liberals, particularly those in Washington, when it means stifling communication with another state,” said Carter.
  • “‘I have no trouble pitching for Wallace votes and black votes at the same time,’ Carter told a reporter. Carter also said to another reporter, ‘I can win this election without a single black vote.'”
  • Upon receiving the endorsement of former Democratic Gov. Lester Maddox, Carter responded by praising the life-long segregationist: “He has brought a standard of forthright expression and personal honesty to the governor’s office, and I hope to live up to his standard.” Maddox had not only refused to serve blacks in the restaurant he once owned, but he had also greeted civil rights protestors with a gun, and made sticks available to his white customers with which to intimidate them.

Jimmy Carter is least credible person to sound the racist dog whistle.


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