Joe Wilson

Can Rep. Joe Wilson be Vindicated Now?

Breitbart News recently reported that Mexican nationals and others were being enrolled at Mexican Consulates all over the United States. This now brings into the question if Rep. Joe Wilson (R -SC) who exclaimed in the House Chamber, “you lie, 

Joe Wilson Was Right, Part 2

On Monday, Fox News Channel’s The Kelly File took up my article from Friday in which I reported that California’s state Obamacare exchange, Covered California, is recruiting illegal aliens to enroll in the program. I cited the Covered California website, where

Joe Wilson Was Right, Part 2

Obamacare Recruiting Illegals in California

In 2009, Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) apologized profusely to the White House for shouting, “You lie!” as President Barack Obama told Congress that Obamacare would not cover illegal immigrants. Now it would appear that the White House owes Wilson an

Obamacare Recruiting Illegals in California

Rep. Joe Wilson Endorses Georgia Republican Lee Anderson

South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson (R), who has been one of President Barack Obama’s fiercest critics, endorsed Georgia Republican Lee Anderson on Tuesday. Wilson’s district neighbors Georgia’s 12th congressional district. Wilson is best known for yelling “You Lie” during President

Rep. Joe Wilson Endorses Georgia Republican Lee Anderson

'Fair Game': L.A. Times Ignores Facts to Pimp Film, Trash Bush

The political thriller Fair Game premiered at Cannes today. (Pause for giant, collective yawn from Big Hollywood readers…) The Sean Penn-Naomi Watts “starrer” (hey, it’s fun using unnecessarily awkward Variety-speak!) revisits the Valerie Plame Wilson scandal, an episode I’m not

Was Coffingate A Fundraising Stunt?

I know a little something about coffins. And I know when I’m being lied to. An email arrived in my inbox this afternoon from Missouri Secretary of State Robin Carnahan’s baby-brother, Congressman Russ Carnahan (D-Missouri). In this email, Carnahan pledges

Historic PelosiCare Debate Starts Right Now

Today, a historic debate will commence on a bill that would impose big government health care on all Americans. Nobody knows if this bill is going to pass and many questions about the bill remain unanswered. All those who cherish

Burt's Eye View: Catching Up With the News

I wasn’t surprised that Rep. Joe Wilson felt compelled to apologize to President Obama for calling him a liar. I also wasn’t surprised to hear that within 24 hours, thousands of liberals had sent in over $200,000 in contributions to

Poll: 3 In 4 Say We're Getting Ruder

WTXF: The results comes after three high-profile cases of rude behavior, including; Serena Williams’ on-court outburst at a line judge; Kanye West interrupting Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at the Video Music Awards; and Congressman Joe Wilson shouting “You lie!” during