Tuesday Crib Sheet: Walsh Slams RT America, ESPN Warns Staff Over Twitter Use

Tuesday Crib Sheet: Walsh Slams RT America, ESPN Warns Staff Over Twitter Use

Photos from journalism’s past.

“I can’t wait until we get Photoshop, guys!” NYT

News outlets fall for receipt hoax:

A wealthy banker set off public outrage after he allegedly followed up a $133 meal by leaving his waitress a one percent tip and a personal tip – “Get a real job”. But the restaurant where it supposedly happened said it is all a hoax. According to Huffington Post, CNN and several other news sites, a person claiming to be an employee of the “wealthy” banker took a photo of the receipt and posted it on a blog, “Future Ex-Banker”. The blogger paired the photo with their own caption …

The restaurant called the receipt “altered and exaggerated.”

– RT shows why it’s a real-life SNL skit with their attack on Michael Walsh. Walsh slams them with grace. It will take Putin’s pretend broadcaster a week to realize she’s been insulted.

Ms. Minkovski is perhaps not aware (or, as a state-supported-media lackey, perhaps she is) that I spent a good deal of my career behind the Iron Curtain, especially during the years 1985-1991, so I’ve seen her propaganda tactics up close and personal, as practiced by the best the Rodina had to offer. In fact, I left her native Soviet Union just a couple of weeks before the coup against Gorbachev triggered its final death throes. (For a pungent description of what the U.S.S.R. was like back then, non-squeamish readers are invited to sample my first novel,Exchange Alley, available on Kindle.) Alyona, tovarish, you can also read about the good old days right herePravda! Although it’s clear from your report that mutual-exclusion logic is not your strong suit — there’s no contradiction at all between not wanting every American citizen treated like a potential terrorist and at the same time not worrying much over whether the New York City Police Department is keeping prophylactic tabs on historically and culturally antagonistic newcomers whose coreligionists were responsible for 9/11 — at least you can still learn a thing or two about doomed socialist systems …

RT is out of its league to tangle with Walsh (who is also Big Journalism’s former editor). In case you forgot, RT America (RT stands for Russia Today) is an outfit funded and directed by the Kremlin. It’s Al Jazeera with a Russian accent. (And did they cop Dana Loesch’s “Tool of the Week?”)

City sends local blogger a cease and desist after they point out municipal mismanagement. A smaller version of what Eric Holder did to the media following the emergence of the Fast and Furious scandal.

Asinine. ESPN to staff: “Twitter isn’t your personal playground.” Actually, it is their personal arena.

Twitter is truly another stream of media and, when used wisely, is a wonderful tool for you personally and for our company. That said, it is not your personal playground. It is not a place to incite arguments, render threats, divulge company information or opine endlessly.

A company has the freedom to infringe upon the free speech in which its employees engage when they’re off the clock, just as those employees have the right to choose to work for a less ironic entity.


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