Progressive Media Fawns Over Occupy Violence

Progressive Media Fawns Over Occupy Violence

Buzzfeed has this headline on the OWS six-month anniversary:

Occupy Arrests Are Good News For The Movement

Last night’s dustup with police put Occupy back in the news in a way it hasn’t managed since the original New York occupation was kicked out in November. “

Encouraging violence towards the police is “good for the movement, how?” What has OWS done with all this attention they’ve received? Not a thing. 

Various media outlets marked the six-month anniversary of the Bored-Ironic-Neo-Hippie movement known as Occupy Wall Street. The original astroturf seedlings in NYC marked the occasion by getting themselves thrown out of Zuccotti Park, again. This, according to MSM, is apparently brilliant. 

OWS hasn’t accomplished anything since its inception as a deflection tactic and discourse driver from the far left support system of the Goldman Sachs administration — except for racking up an impressive rap sheet. The tea party movement was law abiding with zero incidents at their events — and they succeeded in driving out a massive number of RINOs last midterm election and winning the House for the GOP. The OWS crew has succeeded in … getting arrested and raping only a couple handfuls of women. 

I’m not sure in what sort of world that “helps” the movement, but again, this is the MSM perception we’re discussing. 


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