Daily Beast: Cheney's Transplant Proves Evil of Private Health Care

Daily Beast: Cheney's Transplant Proves Evil of Private Health Care

The Daily Beast has sunk to a new low. A column written by Kent Sepkowitz poisonously attacks former Vice-President Dick Cheney’s heart transplant. Sepkowitz makes no bones about the fact that he wants Cheney dead:

We all woke up Sunday morning with the chilling news that Dick Cheney has a new million-dollar heart and may be as good as ever, or as good as a 71-year-old man on multiple medicines who just underwent a major surgery can possibly be. Given his track record of opting never to die, we should figure he will be around and ready to go as VP for both Jeb Bush in 2016 and George Prescott Garnica Bush (one of the little brown ones–let’s call him “P”) in 2024. 

Cheney has a history of heart trouble; he has had five heart attacks, the first occurring when he was 37 years old. Sepkowitz not only wants Cheney to die, he questions the manner in which Cheney got his transplant, as well as voicing the typically Obama-style view of looking at health-care as an avenue toward survival of the fittest:

How did this happen? No, not the Florida recount, but how could someone so old and frail be a candidate for that most precious commodity, the human organ? Did Dick do a dick thing and leapfrog a bunch of other worthies, people who aren’t viewed by some as war criminals and evildoers but rather are decent folk decades younger, likelier to contribute to society and to provide a better return on investment for our taxpayer health-care dollars?

He continues in this vein:

The transplant world is a Dick Cheney dream–a loosely regulated, market-driven free-for-all that follows whatever rules the local oligarchy sets forth. One hospital might set the cutoff at 20 or 50 or 100 years old, while another might figure 55 is the way to go. In a free market, people can find their own way.

The left’s hatred of Cheney is beyond deranged; but that is to be expected, as Cheney is one of the pillars of conservatism in this country. The real question is: when will the American public acknowledge the vitriol and hatred of those who love Obama and hate Cheney? What ever happened to “civility,” that all-important buzzword to the left? 


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