Get Ready For Media Matters-Led Assault on the NRA

Get Ready For Media Matters-Led Assault on the NRA

Get ready for the leftist assault on the National Rifle Association.

Today, the Media Matters blog has decided to take on the National Rifle Association. A post by Alexander Zaitchik recounts his experiences on a bus on the way to the NRA’s annual convention in St. Louis. “The hotel minibus had barely left the airport when the guy to my left dropped the Obama assassination joke,” Zaitchik writes. “Parents who want to shield their children from presidential assassination jokes should consider vacation destinations other than NRA conventions.”

Zaitchik rips the NRA’s new slogan – “All In,” stating that it is “absurd” to think that gun rights are under assault since “Recent years have seen record profits for the gun and ammo industries.” In fact, says Zaitchik, the NRA is “extreme … possibly insane.” And, of course, Zaitchik cited the presence of “swing-voter-kryptonite clowns like Glenn Beck, (Ret.) Gen. Jerry Boykin, and Ted Nugent” as evidence to that effect. Zaitchik even asks whether the “NRA and its industry allies really want to defeat Obama,” since they need a “manufactured panic” to sell their product.

What’s so important about this massive 3,500 word piece? It sets the agenda for the media left.

We know that the Obama administration holds regular meetings with Media Matters to coordinate strategy. And we know that Media Matters acts as a go-between for the mainstream media. We also know that Media Matters leads astroturfed secondary boycotts of advertisers and businesses who spend money with conservative causes.

So watch as Media Matters seizes on Ted Nugent and Trayvon Martin to call for boycotts of NRA donors, suggests that any advertisers who spend money on the same outlets as the NRA should be smacked around, and works with the Obama administration to push gun control. This is the pattern. 


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