When Low-Rateds Attack: 'Daily Show,' Soledad Rip 'Rednecks'

When Low-Rateds Attack: 'Daily Show,' Soledad Rip 'Rednecks'

Monday, Soledad O’Brien’s “Starting Point” couldn’t clear 100k viewers in the coveted 25-54 demo or even a half-million total viewers. 

“The Daily Show” itself came in at #23 in the cable rankings with only 1.54 million total viewers.

You think maybe part of their viewership problem might have something to do with the cultural bigotry and intolerance displayed below? 


So here you have Soledad O’Brien, a CNN anchor and star, in a skit stereotyping and mocking “rednecks.” Sure, she can put on Jon Stewart’s clown nose as a defense, but would she ever participate in a skit that portrayed Blacks, gays, or Muslims in a derogatory fashion.

Of course O’Brien, a defender Derrick Bell and of critical race theory, wouldn’t.

And if she did, you can bet she’d be drummed out of the business for it.

Stereotyping “rednecks” and portraying those opposed to gay marriage as h8ters is nothing more than intolerance and bigotry — but “acceptable” intolerance and bigotry because this kind of intolerance and bigotry advances the Left and hits the Right.

But the main thing that makes it bigotry is that Southerners are always the ones singled out for this kind of thrashing.

Everyone else is a sacred cow.

If our comedy overlords went after everyone in the same fashion, then it wouldn’t be bigotry — it actually would be comedy. 


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