New Media Victory: New Poll Has Romney at 50; Up 7 Over Obama

New Media Victory: New Poll Has Romney at 50; Up 7 Over Obama

Rasmussen is one of the most respected pollsters out there and today in his rolling three-day average poll, he not only shows Romney up seven over Obama, but that Romney has hit the all-important sweet spot of 50. This also tells us that the media is failing in their cynical crusade to win Obama a second term. 

There are older polls that show a more narrow lead between the two and even have Obama up seven or eight, but those are also polls of registered voters not likely voters, and that makes a difference.

The real problem for Obama is that in the Real Clear Politics’ poll of polls, he’s stuck in the mid-forties (46.6), the absolute worse place for a sitting incumbent. Obama is a known quality and right now almost 54% of voters don’t want to vote for him. What can he do to change their minds in six months?

Moreover, the trend is all flowing Romney’s way. A month ago in RCP’s poll of polls, Obama was up by a full five points over Romney. Today that lead has dwindled to only a single point.

What this tells me is that the media’s plan to get Obama reelected is failing, bigtime. Obviously, their goal is to ensure no news narratives are created around Obama’s failed policies, specifically a stagnant economy where the unemployment rate is going down only because people by the thousands are so discouraged they’ve stopped looking for work.

What the corrupt media thinks they can do to win Obama a second term is to tie the nation’s political debate up in divisive social issues like same-sex marriage, racial division (Trayvon Martin), class warfare (Occupy Wall Street), and bullying, all in a desperate hope they can portray a rather vanilla, self-made moderate as a raving, elitist, right-winger who attends a “freaky” church. The media’s gameplan is to scare independent voters back into the arms of the “devil they know” — a failed and incompetent president. The polls show, however, that that plan is actually backfiring. 

New Media should also take a victory lap for without Citizen Journalists engaging in trench warfare with the corrupt media, Obama would’ve gotten away with spiking the bin Laden football, dividing this country racially over Trayvon Martin, launching his reelection campaign in a stadium full of empty seats, looking like a human rights champion with his calculated decision to stop lying about his position on same-sex marriage and, most recently, coordinating with the corrupt Washington Post to portray Romney as an anti-gay bully with a hit-piece that has now fallen apart under New Media scrutiny.

Oh, and don’t forget the utter collapse of the Obama-endorsed Occupy Wall Street movement.

Through blogs, Facebook, and Twitter, everyday Americans are taking The Truth back and holding Obama’s Media Palace Guards accountable for their lies and biases.

Just don’t get cocky. We have a long way to go.

Do take a moment to pat yourselves on the back.

But only a moment.

Now get back to work.

You can start by reminding the corrupt media that if they want to help Their Precious One, they had better start talking about the economy. When things are as bad as they are for tens of millions of American and all the voters see is the man they hired to fix it taking his eye off the ball to discuss gay marriage and rub elbows with George Clooney — someone’s going to get fired. 


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