Reason 11,927 CNN Is Tanking: Brooke Baldwin Sandbags Tony Perkins

Reason 11,927 CNN Is Tanking: Brooke Baldwin Sandbags Tony Perkins

The evolution of CNN’s ongoing collapse can be found here, here, and here. Even during an election year, the “most trusted name in news” is imploding and as I’ve mentioned numerous times before, the reason for this is obvious. CNN insults their audience — left, right, and middle — on a daily basis with their superior and utterly false pose that it is an objective outlet for news. Meanwhile, Soledad O’Brien, Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon, Piers Morgan, and John King belie that claim almost daily.

But CNN’s most well-known anchors are not alone. The JV team is also in on the hustle. Please watch the video embedded below. The CNN anchor is Brooke Baldwin but the approach is pure MSNBC.

No, really, you need to watch that clip.

CNN’s existential problem isn’t bias or even being out-of-touch, it’s that it’s corrupt in presenting itself as objective, professional, and fair — even as they sandbag guests like Tony Perkins. And this is something we’ve seen from CNN time and again. Soledad O’Brien and Piers Morgan have done it, and let us never forget CNN’s unforgivable cannonball into Obama’s war of racial division with this appalling episode.

All of my examples have occurred over the past couple of months.

What CNN did to Tony Perkins in that segment was sandbag him, pure and simple. That’s what we would expect to see happen to Perkins on MSNBC, which might be a fever swamp of unhinged leftism but at least MSNBC doesn’t pretend to be anything else.

But dishonest, left-wing CNN and Brooke Baldwin beclown themselves from behind their phony shield of objectivity when, among other things, Tony Perkins is asked, when did you stop beating your  wife? “Why do homosexuals bother you so much?” And then CNN acts all surprised as their brand swirls the drain.

Like 31 out of 31  states (including California) and Barack Obama less than a couple of weeks ago, Perkins opposes same-sex marriage, and these charlatans posing as an unbiased news outlet treat him like he’s the Grand Wizard of the KKK.

Actually, CNN was always nice to Democrat Senator Robert Byrd.

Politics aside, let’s just talk about selling your brand. How off-putting is Baldwin in that segment? Whether you agree with her agenda or not, nobody finds smug, superior and sanctimonious attractive — and nobody likes to be played for a jerk , which is exactly what baldwin and her network do 24/7 with this “middle-of-the-road” lie.

What’s bad for CNN is good for America and democracy.

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