Third Undercover Video Shows Potential Gendercide Felonies in Arizona

Third Undercover Video Shows Potential Gendercide Felonies in Arizona

Live Action has released a third undercover video (below) in its ongoing “Gendercide” series exposing disturbing sex-selection abortion practices in America. This third video goes beyond adding more evidence of sex-selective abortions at two abortion clinics in Phoenix and Tuscon; it exposes criminal activity. In Arizona, it is a class three felony to abort a baby on the basis of gender or to solicit money for this purpose.

The video footage shows employees at two different clinics promising to provide a sex-selective abortion and coaching a woman to lie on official paperwork to conceal the reason for the procedure. Both the Camelback Family Planning clinic in Phoenix and the Tucson Women’s Center in Tucson are members of the National Abortion Federation (NAF).

At the Phoenix facility, a counselor named Barb advises the woman, “Don’t tell us that, because we don’t want to know.” When the woman exclaims “Oh, I initialed everything without reading!” Barb quips “No, that’s fine, that’s better.” 

Barb advised the woman how to lie on the required form, encouraging her to sign under oath that the abortion was not actually done because the baby was a little girl. Barb reassures the potential patient that the long-time abortionist, Gabrielle Goodrick, will cooperate with the lie: 

You can tell her, she’s gonna tell you the same thing, just: Don’t let it be known! She’s really good about that. You’ll like that about her.

At the Tucson clinic, the surgical assistant Francisco initially balks at the woman’s requested gendercide. He hesitates, explaining, “We could lose our license.” After another tense moment of hesitation, he promises to ignore her illegal request for a sex-selective abortion.

I’ll just forget about it. But just be sure not to mention it [to the abortionist]. Don’t even mention it to him.

Knowing that it is a felony to solicit or accept money to perform a sex-selective abortion, Francisco informs her that the cost of the procedure will be $480. 

Life Site News reports that Live Action president Lila Rose urges Arizona authorities to enforce the state’s sex-selection ban: 

Sex-selective abortion is a global search-and-destroy mission against little girls that is spreading at an alarming rate. While we wait for Congress to pass the Prenatal Non-Discrimination Act to ban sex-selective abortion in the U.S., state authorities should vigorously enforce Arizona’s law. The clinics supporting sex-selective abortion should be investigated, prosecuted, defunded, and delicensed immediately.

Live Action has provided its full video coverage from the Arizona clinics to the state Attorney General, Tom Horne, and local law enforcement.


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