Washington Post Cites 'Nonpartisan' Brookings Institution in Tax Policy Piece

Washington Post Cites 'Nonpartisan' Brookings Institution in Tax Policy Piece

The Washington Post released a column Wednesday in which they claim that the tax reform plan proposed by House Republicans would “sharply cut taxes for the wealthiest Americans and could leave middle-class households facing much larger tax bills.”

This claim was substantiated by an analysis due to be released later in the day that was “prepared by Senate Democrats and reviewed by nonpartisan tax experts.”

Of course, those tax experts come from “the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center.” And the Tax Policy Center is an arm of the – drum roll, please…

Brookings Institution.

The Brookings Institution? That Brookings Institution? The leftist institution that even Politico acknowledges is clearly liberal?

How liberal is Brookings? Ask Discover the Networks:  

Brookings has been involved with a variety of internationalist and state-sponsored programs, including the Global Governance Initiative, which aspires to facilitate the establishment of a U.N.-dominated world government, based in part on economic and Third World considerations. Brookings Fellows have also called for additional global collaboration on trade and banking; the expansion of the Kyoto Protocol; and nationalized health insurance for children. Nine Brookings economists signed a petition opposing President Bush’s tax cuts in 2003. The Brookings Institution’s President since 2002 has been Strobe Talbott, who served as President Clinton’s Deputy Secretary of State. The Board of Trustees features Teresa Heinz Kerry, wife of John Kerry; Zoe Baird, failed Clinton appointee for Attorney General.

But wait; the Tax Policy Center is also identified as being supported by another entity. Perhaps that’s why WaPo identifies them as non-partisan.

And that entity is — drum roll, please…

The Urban Institute.

The Urban Institute? That Urban Institute? How liberal are they?

Let’s return to Discover the Networks:

In 1980, UI called for socialized health care in the United States, and in 1982 began a running critique of the Reagan Administration under its Changing Domestic Priorities Project; the critique ran to 26 volumes, with research paid for by the Ford Foundation. In 1990, UI put together a similar critique of the administration of President George H.W. Bush. In the wake of the Los Angeles riots in 1992, UI became a leading policy-center apologist for urban black violence, focusing on societal and economic, rather than moral and criminal, factors in its analysis of the riots. In 2001, UI and the Brookings Institution began collaboration on a Tax Policy Center (TPC) to discredit President George W. Bush’s tax cut plans, which UI claimed disproportionately and unjustly favored ‘the wealthy.’

Does anyone truly trust the Washington Post to be non-partisan? Only about as non-partisan as Brookings, the Urban Institute, and the Tax Policy Center.


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