Politico Comes Out as Left-Wing Site?

Politico Comes Out as Left-Wing Site?

It looks as though without declaring anything officially, the embattled and sinking Politico has finally decided to come out of the closet as an openly left-wing site. Below is a snapshot taken of the top half of their front page (minus the sidebar) at 10:45 a.m. PT, and it is something out of an alternate reality — a love letter/life preserver to the failed President they worked so hard to elect in 2008.

Even though tomorrow is the Obama administration’s D-Day, the very day the Supreme Court might overturn all or part of the deeply unpopular health care policy Obama spent two years fiddling on as the economy burned…

Even though Democrats are breaking ranks and preparing to join Republicans in voting for a Congressional contempt charge against Attorney General Eric Holder…

Even though high-profile Democrats are running away from the Democrat Convention as though it were radioactive…

Even though both Gallup and Rasmussen show Romney in the lead…

Even though the GOP is demanding an independent counsel over a number of very troubling national security leaks….

Even though a city of 300,000 in California is about to file bankruptcy….

Even though a new Census shows this country lost over 36,000 businesses last year…

Politico acts as though reality doesn’t exist.

This is Politico’s reality, a reality in which the coming health care ruling and contempt charge is bad news for Republicans, the Democrats are on the attack and getting their act together, and there is absolutely no bad news for Barack Obama:



Using red x’s, I’ve noted the pieces and headlines hammering and harmful to Romney and/or Republicans.

Nowhere on this page do you see anything even close to harmful or negative about Obama or Democrats.

And the falsehoods are profound…

Even as Obama is launching commercials using lies created by the Washington Post to beat Romney up over Bain Capital, quite unbelievably, Politico’s lead story grieves over the fact that Obama and Democrats are not engaging in class warfare in 2012.

Further down, Politico rips Republicans as apathetic on health care in no less than three pieces.

Mitt’s deceptive…. Brave Dems don’t regret the health care vote… GOP grasping for what to do about immigration because Romney is AWOL…

And my personal favorite: How the upcoming contempt vote against Holder means “Presidential powers [are] under siege.”

I’ve seen the Huffington Post and Talking Points Memo more balanced than this.

Looks to me as though last week liberated Politico. The falling traffic numbers, the scandals, the bad press, the collapse in credibility. Rather than right the sinking ship, they’ve embraced and decided to go all in for Obama.


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