Media Covers Up NAACP Applause for Romney's Opposition to Same-Sex Marriage

Media Covers Up NAACP Applause for Romney's Opposition to Same-Sex Marriage

Yesterday and today, the corrupt media has been all about making it appear as though Mitt Romney can’t relate to black Americans, which is why we have seen a continuous loop of the presumptive GOP nominee being booed for promising to repeal ObamaCare. Some Democrats and media types have even hinted that Romney daring to use the term “ObamaCare” or stating he will repeal it in front of a black audience was rude or intolerant — proof that he can’t “connect” with the black community.

But below is a clip the media won’t play for you because it undermines The Narrative. Yep, Romney affirms his belief in traditional marriage — meaning NOT same-sex marriage — and receives applause.  

Yes, the NAACP itself has voted in favor of same-sex marriage, but there’s obviously some disagreement among its ranks and with Obama, who just a few weeks ago decided to come clean and stop lying about his opposition to same-sex marriage.

Obama can only win reelection if his coalition of special interests (blacks, gays, Hispanics, women, illegals, felons, dead people) come out to vote in force. Therefore the media isn’t about to do to Obama what the media loves to do to Republicans, and that’s play up any differences or cracks in his coalition.

By playing up divisions in any GOP constituency, the media hopes to exacerbate those divisions. It keeps the argument going, turns it bitter, and makes it seem bigger than it might really be. The result can be less enthusiasm and Republicans staying home on election day.

Knowing this, the media will cover up and paper over any fractures in Obama’s obviously fractured coalition. It also makes the media very uncomfortable that black and Hispanic communities overwhelmingly disapprove of same-sex marriage. After all the media has all but declared as homophobic any kind of opposition to same-sex marriage, but doesn’t want to hit their own with that charge.

Media corruption comes in many forms, including what the media refuse to cover. The Narrative takes precedent over facts and context.


And The Narrative is always about protecting Democrats and damaging Republicans.


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