Twitter Suspends Account of Olympics Critic

Twitter Suspends Account of Olympics Critic

I guess you have to say what NBC wants you to say about the Olympics, or you could get your Twitter account suspended. 

Don’t laugh. It has happened to Guy Adams.

Adams is a journalist with The Independent. He works out of California but his paper is published in Great Britain….and nowadays with this new thing called the internet, you can read his stories pretty much anywhere, but at the time of this column, you cannot follow him on twitter. 

Adams has mainly been critical of NBC making tape-delayed coverage appear to be live. Certainly understandable. NBC says Adams crossed the line when he tweeted out the e-mail address of one of its executives and Twitter apparently agreed. The e-mail address was an easy one to figure out once you knew the executives name and the style that NBC used for its e-mails. 

Twitter allows some of the most profane and abusive attacks imaginable, which is fine, it is what it is, and as lovers of Liberty, most would choose the side of free speech, just don’t slam NBC and its sacred Olympic coverage. That would be over-the-top.

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