Politico Caught With Pants Down With GOP Skinny-Dipping Story

Politico Caught With Pants Down With GOP Skinny-Dipping Story

It’s just a fact that after the Ryan pick, Team Romney broke a six-week losing streak and then entered a week-long winning streak that moved the polls in the right direction both nationally and in the swing states.

Obviously, this means that hopelessly corrupt media outlets like Politico start to panic, and what better way to freeze the race and stop Romney’s momentum than with a big, fat, bright and shiny distraction like a Sunday night breaking news drop about a year-old incident involving Republican Congressmen skinny-dipping in the holy Sea of Galilee?

And since that alone isn’t quite sexy enough, why not toss in an F.B.I. investigation into the mix?

Except, whoops, Politico implying the F.B.I. was investigating skinny dipping isn’t even close to the truth.

The Wall Street Journal:

FBI Wasn’t Investigating Skinny Dipping in Israel

Politico reported Monday that several lawmakers went swimming – including Rep. Kevin Yoder (R., Kan.), sans clothing — after a long night of drinking, and that the FBI investigated the matter, though it did not specify what exactly the agency had examined. …

Numerous congressional ethics-law experts interviewed Monday said the FBI does not care if lawmakers swim naked and that the investigation must be a matter under the agency’s jurisdiction. ‘Last time I checked, skinny dipping anywhere, including a foreign country, is not a federal crime,’ said Jan Baran, head of the election law group at Wiley Rein LLP.

The person familiar with the investigation said the FBI came across details of the swimming incident while examining the Israel trip and a trip Rep. Grimm made afterward to Cyprus, but that the swimming incident wasn’t relevant to the probe.

Unfortunately for the hopelessly corrupt Politico, though the story did get some play from NBC’s Chuck Todd and CNN’s Wolf Blitzer (neither even tried to cover their glee), Todd Akin’s stupid comments about rape and abortion pretty much stole the thunder Politico was undoubtedly counting on to drive the week.

In the end, though, all Politico ended up doing was getting caught red-handed in yet another blatantly dishonest piece of left-wing hackery.


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