CNN's Ashleigh Banfield Reminds Us Why We Hate CNN

CNN's Ashleigh Banfield Reminds Us Why We Hate CNN









Ashleigh Banfield is everything a journalist should not be but everything too many of CNN’s Obama-shills are. Watch her behavior here. Regardless of your opinion on the matter (and a huge majority of Americans believe in presenting a photo I.D. when voting), she’s rude and reprehensible — and to John Fund of all people.

Fund has not only done the journalism required to research this issue and present it credibly, but he’s never anything but pleasant, smart and affable in these kinds of interviews. He’s no pushover, far from it, but the way he gets his points across is never hostile. Banfield, however, treats him like wife beater.


Awful, awful woman; appallingly biased “journalist,” and Ground Zero of CNN’s problem with their humiliatingly low ratings.

Here you can watch Banfield scream “rape” against Paul Ryan.

There’s just no question that CNN hires some of the most beautiful ugly women in the world.


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