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As America Burns, Convention Democrats and Journalists Celebrate Like Its 1999

As America Burns, Convention Democrats and Journalists Celebrate Like Its 1999

If you slogged through last night’s media coverage of the DNC convention, about two hours in you   witnessed an upcoming media-narrative set into concrete through an uncanny flurry of coordination instituted by Obama’s Media Palace Guards.

Within minutes and across all boundaries — the networks, online and print media — everyone was on the same page about how well done the Democratic convention was (CNN’s David Gergen said, “One more night like this and Obama could blow the race wide open.”) and how much more enthusiastic the convention crowd was compared to the RNC’s last week.

Here’s a short list of how this narrative was set even before I went to bed last night:

Politico’s Dylan Byers: “So, frankly, there is more energy in Strickland’s speech than there was in the entire three days of Tampa…” His colleague Alexander Burns concurred: “Just a huge difference in energy between Tampa and Charlotte convention halls. Makes it easier for non-primetime speakers to sound strong.”

BuzzFeed’s Ben Smith: “This is exactly the convention people in this room wanted, unlike the RNC, which was aimed at a very specific TV audience.”

The Atlantic’s Garance Franke-Ruta: “There’s a kind of confidence to this convention I didn’t expect after all the hand-wringing in the lede-up. Tampa was a cool convention. This is going to be a hot one.”

CNN’s Peter Hamby: “Republicans did a helluva job lowering expectations for this convention. Text from RNC delegate: ‘I’m officially jealous. The DNC looks way more exciting.'”

NBC’s Chuck Todd: “Passion so far at Dem convo is clearly FOR president. Last week, passion at the GOP convo was less FOR Romney and more AGAINST POTUS.”

Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart: “There is energy here.. Folks want to be here.”

But of course there’s more excitement at Obama’s convention than at Romney’s. When you have 15,000 Obama-worshipping journalists in an audience of only 5,000 delegates, how can you not explode the level of enthusiasm?

On the flipside, if you pack the same number of Obama-worshippers into a Republican convention, it’s  only going to have a dampening effect on enthusiasm, you know, especially among those there to report on enthusiasm levels.

Moreover, when you have the Washington Post’s Dana Milbank writing about the corrupting influence of the Democrat convention on the media….

Do not be deceived by all that talk of delegates and floor speeches: This is a convention of the media, by the media and for the media. There are some 15,000 representatives of the media here for the convention, and only about 5,000 delegates. This mathematical imbalance means most journalists spend their time with other journalists at events sponsored by corporations and hosted by media organizations for the purpose of entertaining advertisers and promoting themselves to each other.

…and Politico’s Jim VandeHei openly declaring that the media is completely infatuated with Obama….

The mainstream media tends to be quite smitten with the Obamas so I don’t know if we should over interpret it but there’s no doubt that’s sort of how all the taste makers in media as we talk what it does have a way shaping certainly the coverage in the morning. So I think you can anticipate that tomorrow is going to be quite glowing.

…what you essentially have is a DNC convention-crowd stacked with partisan ringers who will naturally report on an increase in their own enthusiasm.

Something else our “enthusiastic” media overlords are refusing to report this morning is that the tone at the RNC was intentionally more serious. Not only were Republicans competing with a potentially devastating hurricane, butt Republicans are also aware that this country is in serious trouble and looking for serious people to solve those problems — a reality last night’s Democrat convention refused to acknowledge as they shamelessly partied like it was 1999.

The bubble I witnessed the media report from last night was breathtaking. These out-of-touch Obama-worshippers gushed and gushed and gushed over a convention that celebrated only government, paid tribute to a dead Kennedy responsible for the drowning death of a young woman (without ever mentioning this) and shared in the sacrament of abortion and birth control.

Meanwhile, out here in the real world….

The Selfish Generation’s bill to our children just hit $16 trillion, 23 million people are desperate for work, our economy is shrinking, Afghan casualties are mounting, unemployment is increasing, manufacturing is contracting and food stamp enrollment has just broken another record. And yet …

What I witnessed last night were thousands of Democrats and even more media types celebrating as though the country is in great shape and enjoying the flushest of times.

What is there to celebrate in a country where middle class incomes have fallen and poverty is increasing?

But celebrate Democrats and their media minions did, without ever once acknowledging or facing the reality of the situation just outside the convention hall — celebrate they did, without ever once offering concrete solutions to the awful circumstances tens of millions face day in and day out.

Last night in that hall and from the media, what we witnessed was a sickening display by unbelievably selfish people  completely oblivious to anything outside of aggrandizing the government, the culture of death, and a failed president whose only solution for the next four years is more of the same.


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