When 'Mother Jones' Opposed Selectively Edited Video Reported Uncritically By the Media

When 'Mother Jones' Opposed Selectively Edited Video Reported Uncritically By the Media

So what do we know?

1. The left-wing David Corn at the left-wing “Mother Jones” released selective portions of  hidden video taken without Mitt Romney’s knowledge at a fundraiser this spring.

2. The corrupt media (who hate when James O’Keefe releases secret video) ran and are still running with the video, hoping to turn it onto the silver bullet that will finally and forever kill Mitt Romney’s campaign.

3. That Mitt Romney asked that the full unedited video be released.

4. That David Corn and “Mother Jones” agreed to release the full unedited video.

5. That David Corn and “Mother Jones” claimed to have released the full unedited video.

6. That David Corn and “Mother Jones” lied when they said they had released the full unedited video.

7. That somewhere around two minutes of the video is missing, and that in the wildest of wild coincidences, the missing minutes just happen to occur around the portion of the video the media are claiming is the most damaging to Romney — the portion about the 47%.

8. That “Mother Jones” and David Corn not only lied but that, as an institution — as this editorial from March of last year makes clear  — “Mother Jones” is filled with wild-eyed hypocrites:

To the list of journalism’s greatest disgraces, let us now add James O’Keefe. O’Keefe calls himself an investigative reporter, though as far as we can tell the only group of journalists he has anything in common with are habitual fabricators like Jayson Blair, Stephen Glass, and Janet Cooke.

But that’s not the scandal we’re talking about. The real scandal is that–even though by the time he posted a “sting” of a top NPR fundraiser, O’Keefe was notorious for creating deceptive video smear jobs (ACORN? Hello?)–the media repeated the allegations uncritically.

9. That James O’Keefe eventually released the full unedited NPR video.

10. That as of this writing “Mother Jones” still hasn’t released or detailed what is missing from their still selectively edited video — you know, the missing portion that by some wild coincidence occurs during the portion of the video David Corn, “Mother Jones,” and the ObamaMedia say is the most damaging.

To be frank, I don’t believe David Corn or “Mother Jones.” I think the missing minutes are mitigating and might even show Romney in a good light; might even show him clarifying his remarks.  There’s a reason Corn and “Mother Jones” tried to get away with passing off the edited video as unedited, and this is the only reason that makes any sense.

Frankly, I also don’t believe Corn and “Mother Jones” when they claim to not have access to the missing minutes or any idea what occurred during those missing minutes. That this strange edit happens during the portion of the tape Corn and “Mother Jones” are using to beat Romney senseless is just too coincidental for my taste.

Why should we believe anything Corn and “Mother Jones” say after they attempted to pass off edited video as unedited?

Why should we believe anything Corn and “Mother Jones” say when they trash James O’Keefe’s hidden video tactics but refuse to live up to his standards of releasing the full unedited video?

We certainly can’t expect Romney to remember what he said. After a while all of these fundraisers become a blur. But maybe some of the people who attended the fundraiser remember?



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