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Politico Falls For Selectively Edited Video of Schilling 'Walk Out'

Politico Falls For Selectively Edited Video of Schilling 'Walk Out'

Congressman Bobby Schilling spoke to Breitbart News today and is demanding Politico retract and correct a story that falsely claims he walked out on a constituent townhall meeting. Which begs a question… What is it with the corrupt media uncritically buying into and reporting on every video that comes their way?

Well, I should say, every video that comes their way not from someone named James O’Keefe. 

In this morning’s Politico Huddle, something the corrupt website describes as “a play-by-play of the day’s congressional news,” this morning’s email blast headlined the following [emphasis added]:

Senate Democrats surging, Kaine leads Allen, Coburn: Dems‘ vets bill same old ‘crap,’ Issa won’t stop probing ‘Furious,’ Schilling walks out of town hall, GOP: Reid’s Mitt-bashing broke rules, trivia

And here’s the actual “walks out” story in the Politico article: [emphasis original]

SCHILLING WALKS OUT ON TOWN HALL – Liberal news site Progressive Illinois posts a video of GOP Rep. Bobby Schilling ditched his own town hall meeting after an employee at Sensata Technologies – which plans to ship jobs to China – asked the congressman whether he backs a bill to curb outsourcing. “When Tom Gaulrapp, one of the workers set to lose his job after working at the Bain Capital-owned company for 33 years, asked Schilling if he would support a bill that would offer companies tax incentives for bringing overseas jobs back to the U.S. and also close loopholes that allow corporations to ship American jobs overseas, like the Bring American Jobs Home Act, Schilling refused to answer and walked out of the meeting. But his campaign manager Terry Schilling essentially answered the question for the congressman by saying, ‘He said no. He does not support the bill.'” Watch here:

Here’s the video Politico’s left-wing source links to. Note how the video doesn’t even show Schilling leaving the room:

Looks pretty bad, doesn’t it — a sitting Congressman turning tail and running from his own constituents?

Yep, pretty weak.

Oh, except…

Politico’s source published incomplete video. And had Politico been the least bit curious and skeptical of its left-wing source, it would’ve seen that Rep. Schilling did not “walk out” of the town hall meeting. 

In fact, what the Republican Congressman did do was actually pretty shrewd.  He made it look as though he was going to leave, which got the obnoxious protesters to leave, and then after they left, Schilling coolly and calmly returned to the front of the room and picked up right where he left off.

The picture of poise and composure.

Watch for yourself:

Breitbart News did something Politico apparently didn’t — we reached out to Congressman Schilling for comment. Needless to say, he’s demanding a full retraction:

“I’ve held more than 50 town halls and public meetings, and I’ve never walked out of a single one. I believe that Politico should issue a full retraction. The video is clearly and heavily edited. Furthermore, it’s ridiculous for [my opponent] Cheri Bustos to criticize me on this when she’s never bothered to hold a public town hall.”

Politico can feel free to blame its left-wing source, but Politico, not its left-wing source, is the one writing headlines that blast in capitalized bold font: SCHILLING WALKS OUT ON TOWN HALL.

It’s just a fact that we’re six weeks from an election and the corrupt media is on a rampage against the GOP at all levels.

Funny how these “mistakes” just never seem to happen to Democrats.


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