Media Mock Romney Bonusing Successful Staffers

Media Mock Romney Bonusing Successful Staffers

Since the campaign of 2012 began in earnest, Mitt Romney has been under withering assault by a corrupt media determined to drag President FailureTeleprompter over the finish line. Not only has Romney been beaten relentlessly by Obama’s Media Palace Guards; this very same media has never stopped covering up and downplaying Obama’s failures — not even the failures that result in the assassination of an American ambassador.

And yet, here we are, six weeks out from an election and this sucker is all tied up.

But Narrative.

Narrative, narrative, narrative, narrative, narrative, narrative…

The Narrative must be, according to the corrupt media, that Romney is losing. This despite two of America’s most reliable pollsters showing the race to be tied.

But narrative.

Narrative, narrative, narrative, narrative, narrative, narrative…

The Narrative must be, according to our corrupt media, that Romney is too incompetent to be an acceptable alternative to a failed president. And this is why, on Twitter and on their propaganda pages, the media is mocking the fact that, after his convention, Mitt Romney awarded $200,000 in bonuses to his staff.

You see, by mocking the bonuses, the media accomplishes the two narrative goals mentioned above and does so without a hint of irony.

What’s the irony, you ask?

Other than Obama’s foreign policy, there is no American institution teetering closer to collapse today than the mainstream media. The media is losing advertisers hand over fist, losing impact (as poll after poll proves), and losing customers in droves. The trust is gone and only bankruptcy looms.

But what do you think? You think maybe some in the media — these thoroughly discredited laughingstock losers aboard the U.S.S. Titanic Failure have won and will still win some bonuses now and again? You know, despite the fact that their world is crashing down around them?

You think maybe Howard Kurtz, one of collapsing-CNN’s stars, has scored a bonus here and there? You think any one of those corrupt-ocrats at The Incredibly Shrinking Politico got a little something extra in the Christmas card? You think some high-falutin’ member of the brass over at the exhausted and diminished NBC News has scored a bump or two?

Yes, that’s right, what we’re witnessing here is the insufferably smug crew of a sunken ship snickering at the bonus-laden crew of a ship that might still win this race.


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