Time's Mark Halperin Melts Down over Drudge's Obama-Video Tease

Time's Mark Halperin Melts Down over Drudge's Obama-Video Tease

There’s nothing more entertaining than watching in real-time as an elite member of the corrupt media completely loses his cool over something he has no control over. And more importantly, something that might derail all the wicked work he’s done to drag a failed president over the reelection finish line.

Mark Halperin one of the leaders of what he calls “The Gang of 500” — or those who control the media. He’s the guy who yucks it up with Joe Scarborough every morning and who sits on political stories so he can later release them in books like “Game Change” that trash Republicans with legions of unnamed sources.

Halperin is as elite a mainstream media puppet master as there is; a narrative creator and driver that many minions in the media look to for the nod that okays this or that. And naturally, that nod almost always has to do with stories damaging to Republicans and/or helpful to Democrats.

But today Matt Drudge made Mark Halperin mad. Oh, so very, very mad. So mad, in fact, that Halperin is already raging on Twitter about how a story he hasn’t seen is a “freak show.”

You see, Matt Drudge stopped the world today without Mark Halperin’s permission; Drudge launched a siren to tease out a video airing on Fox News tonight that might be damaging to Obama — but if you’re Mark Halperin that’s the commission of an unpardonable sin on two levels: First off, only Mark Halperin’s “Gang of 500” is supposed to stop the world and control the narrative. Secondly, Halperin has already declared his precious Barack Obama the winner of this campaign — so there will be no “October Surprises.”

Now, you would think a self-described newsman and political junkie would be excited over this. After all, The Narrative about Romney losing the election and all the pre-game debate stuff is boring. Also, as a journalist, you would think new information about a sitting president would be exciting!

But the same Mark Halperin who helped drive  Romney’s “47 percent video” into the ground isn’t happy at all about this video. In fact, he’s furious.  

The funny thing is, Halperin was already screaming “freak show” before Drudge ruined his day. He was already telling his minions that Biden’s declaration that the middle class have been buried for the last four years was a nothing-to-see-here story:

Aww, the poor widdle mainstream media is having a bad day.

Which in turn means a good day for America.


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