NBC Reporter Hides Chicago Teachers Union Marxist Ties, Calls Breitbart 'Full of Sh**'

NBC Reporter Hides Chicago Teachers Union Marxist Ties, Calls Breitbart 'Full of Sh**'

On Saturday, Chicago Teachers Union Vice President Jesse Sharkey participated in the International Socialist Organization Midwest Marxism Conference at Northwestern University. Much of the conference focused on the successful intervention and assistance by the ISO to the Chicago Teachers Union during the recent strike this fall.

On Monday Jesse Sharkey and the members of the International Socialist Organization and Party for Socialism and Liberation, along with Action Now (the new ACORN), lead a protest march in downtown Chicago. After Mr. Sharkey refused to answer any questions regarding his participation in the event, I asked NBC 5 Chicago’s Charlie Wojciechowski, if he would question the CTU VP at the socialist lead teachers march.

Wojcieckowski told me, “I’m working… We are doing something here… We are covering a protest.”

I questioned Wojciechowski further as to whether he was actually covering the protest, or covering it up? Wojciechowski replied, “If Breitbart was a legitimate organization, I would talk to you, but it’s not, Breitbart is full of shit.”

Wojciechowski went on apparently, to cover up who the leaders of the protest were and filed a report of which the protest leaders approved. While I did see and film Wojciechowski interviewing Mr. Sharkey, that interview does not appear in the story Wojciechowski filed, and remains unclear whether or not he ever asked Sharkey about his involvement with the Marxist organization.

Breitbart News has left a message with NBC 5 Chicago for a comment on Wojciechowski’s coverage and behavior.

Here is further coverage from the protest. Despite the protest being hailed as a protest of parents and teachers, it was extremely difficult to find one teacher marching with this group. Members of the International Socialist Organization, Party for Socialism and Liberation, Communist Party USA and Action Now (the new ACORN) were plentiful however, and seen organizing and leading the march. It is also worth noting, while the protest march took place on Veterans Day, not one American Flag was seen at the protest to commemorate our veterans.