Christian-Mocking Advertised On 'NY Times' Editorial Page

Christian-Mocking Advertised On 'NY Times' Editorial Page

This appeared on the online editorial pages of The New York Times today:




Christian-mockery aside, this use of the image of Jesus Christ is at best disrespectful.

One wonders if an online advertising firm that sells items mocking Islam with the use of a disrespectful image of Mohammed would be welcome on the pages of  the Times.

For the record, I get that the t-shirt is about mocking Christians who argue against the age of Earth. Not only do I disagree with them, I have no problem with satire that pokes fun at anyone or anything.

But that’s me, not the Left.

Time and again, the Left singles Christians out for mockery while treating other religions like sacred cows. Singling out one religion while protecting others isn’t satire, it’s bigotry.

And maybe the Times has allowed advertising mocking Mohammed.

Somehow, though, I doubt it.


UPDATE: Commenters point out that this same advertisement has appeared on the pages of Breitbart News. Yes, I know that. That’s not the point of this piece. My point is the hyper-PC NY Times allowing it. As I say in the piece, I’m not opposed to Christian satire. I’m opposed to double standards and being singled out.  


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